GatorHyde Protective Coatings

blackpu-productpage.pngWhen it comes to sheer performance, abrasion resistance and complete waterproofing, nothing equals GatorHyde Spray Applied Protective Coating Systems. GatorHyde is not sensitive to high humidity, or even low temperatures. It can be applied in the most extreme conditions and still cure in seconds not minutes or hours. 

GatorHyde coatings are complete monolithic membranes (seamless) therefore eliminating the possibility for a potential seam leak. GatorHyde will NOT peel, flake or chip and because of its unique elastomeric qualities is very resilient upon impact and will not crack like harder coatings will.

Why GatorHyde Protective Coatings?

All GatorHyde Protective Coatings are produced from Chemline’s 140,000 SF manufacturing plant.
  • Chemline has on staff over 9 degreed Chemists
  • Chemline is one of the largest manufactures of polyurea & polyurethane technology in the industry.
  • GatorHyde products go through a battery of both Chemical and Physical Test before market entry.
  • GatorHyde offered the “First 2-Component Cartridge, Bed liner Spray System.
  • GatorHyde one of the First to develop a Low-Pressure, two component pump to spray polyurea. 
  • GatorHyde DLX is “THE TOUGHEST “ elastomer coating with over 7,000 Tensile Strength. 
  • GatorHyde was the “FIRST” High-Pressure Polyurea Spray, applied in the Marine Industry.
  • GatorHyde polyurea spray is the most specified coating for the Work Truck & Heavy Hauling Industry.