4 Things To Look For In A Great Auto Repair Center

If you’re in need of a new mechanic or an auto repair center, you’re in the right place! We know that it can be confusing to figure out who will take great care of your car – or who is trying to make a quick buck off of shoddy repairs.

If you’re not sure what you should be looking for in a great auto repair center, take a look at this quick guide now.

Certified, Professional Mechanics

Ideally, your chosen auto repair center should be certified by the ASE– The National Institute For Automotive Service Excellence. The ASE is the largest governing body for mechanics in America, and most shops will employ ASE-certified mechanics.

If your car is a specific brand, you may also want to look for a mechanic that works on those specific cars. If you have a Toyota, for example, you may want to find a shop with T-TEN certification.This will ensure that your mechanic is truly qualified to work on your vehicle.

Clean, Organized Workspaces

 The state and condition of a mechanic’s shop is a reflection of their services. If the shop looks tiny, crowded, messy, and disorganized, chances are that you won’t get the best possible service.

Obviously, it’s hard to keep an auto shop squeaky-clean – so a few oil spills and stains shouldn’t scare you off. But things should be organized, tidy, and as clean as possible. This is an indicator that the mechanic takes their work – and safety – seriously.

Good Customer Feedback And Reviews

 Word of mouth is still king when it comes to mechanics. Customer feedback and reviews – both good and bad – can inform you about the quality of a repair shop.

Reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, because most people who leave reviews have either had a very good or very bad experience – most people who are simply satisfied won’t review their mechanic online.

Still, if your selected mechanic has overwhelmingly positive reviews, and customers are satisfied with project turnaround times, expenses, and customer service, that’s a good sign.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Parts

 OEM parts are those made by the car’s manufacturer – such as Honda, Toyota, and so on. Most repair shops won’t use OEM parts for basic repairs like brake pads or air filters – but for any serious repairs, you should be requesting OEM parts.

Using OEM parts ensure the best possible results, and that the factory warranty remains valid. You should make sure that your chosen shop uses OEM parts upon request, even if it costs a little bit extra.

Follow These 4 Tips – Find A Great Mechanic!

With these easy tips, you can find an auto repair center or mechanic near you – and use their services with confidence. So take another look now, and start searching for the best mechanic for your particular needs.